I adore my sessions with Mary-Ann because she responds to your specific needs. She has a lot of knowledge and makes you feel at ease regardless of your skill level. She adequately challenges you by readjusting your workouts as you gain strength confidence and endurance. She makes working out enjoyable, and overall motivates you to exercise. Her energy is contagious, always smiling and encouraging. I would suggest her to everyone, regardless of their level of fitness. Whether your focus is on fitness, endurance, or nutrition this is the person for you! The extra bonus is the mental clarity and energy boost that you gain. The experience and knowledge that comes from years
of working, studying and researching is obvious, her nutritional videos and recipes are filled with tips and tricks…so personal and easy to follow. Her approach is extremely user friendly. If you are hesitant and wondering if this
is for you, I challenge you to have one meeting with her…you will be hooked and on your road to a better life.

Marcella G.

I have been extremely fortunate to have had Mary-Ann as my personal trainer for over 20 years. During this entire time, she has been cheerfully encouraging and has constantly inspired me to challenge myself to do more and do it better, even through some difficult times. She has brought a wealth of experience in physical training and nutrition to our sessions and I cannot recommend her enough.

K. E. Stafford

Charlie Hickox

My father’s body and mind especially during his latter years were strengthened and sustained by Mary-Ann Darby and her program of physical conditioning.
She possesses the unique ability to win over her clients with infectious enthusiasm, which in turn, encourages them to work harder to reach specific goals. That was the case with my father who was able to accomplish things most people his age could only imagine.
Mary-Ann’s program includes cardio conditioning, strength training, and flexibility work, all designed with the particular person in mind. I witnessed my father’s improvements on a daily basis and how such successes affected his attitude. I venture to say Ms. Darby extended his life and made his last years more enjoyable. Anyone who is thinking about using a personal trainer or a specific conditioning program should consider Mary-Ann Darby. She makes getting and keeping in shape fun!

384 chemin Paul, Ascot Corner. QC Canada